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Kelvin Cruickshank – Medium

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The ever popular Kelvin Cruickshank will conduct his New Zealand wide ”Soul Food” tour  in September(2013) and will be in Dunedin on the 19th at the Otago Boys High School auditorium.

Kelvin Cruickshank has been able to get his message out about spirit and how the afterlife works to thousands of people world wide. Born and raised in Waikato he was able to exhibit mediumship abilities from a early age, he could hear and feel spirits around him but had no idea what it all meant. He new he was different from other children as he could see people that other kids couldn’t see.

He can not only connect to spirit but also inspire with positive messages about current day to day life. Love is the answer to making connections with your family members and friends in the afterlife, it is with this bond that communicates the stories that help heal the heart and soul.


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